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Introduction Book


Digital Marketing Communication Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises  

Chutima Klaysung  Page 1-10

Can Marketing Mix Factors Affect Decision to Buy Chinese-Brand Smartphones of Students in Bangkok, Thailand 

Supattra Kanchanopast Page 11-16

The Export Strategies for the Success of International Market Accessof Thai Fruits

Chatcharin Sadsoem  Page 17-25

Service Marketing Mix Factors of Malaysian Tourists Influencing Decision Making on Selecting Accommodation in Phuket, Thailand

Ittipoom Promma  Page 26-37


Financial literacy and saving behaviors affecting the financial planning of new employees

Ratsamee Ratana-ubol  Page 38-44 


Digital Marketing Practices of B2C Business in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Ladaporn Pithuk  Page 45-52

Happy workplace and Organizational Commitment Enhancing Performance of SMEs in Nakhon Pathom Province 

Pramjai Ouejit  Page 53-61

Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment Improving Business Performance: A Case Study of SMEs in Nakhon Pathom Province 

Khajeerat Phumphruk Page  62-70

Communication Behaviors on the Social Media Site, Facebook, and Their Media Literacy of the Youth in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Somsak Klaysung  Page  71-80


Digital Marketing Communication that Affects Online Purchase Decision Health and Beauty Supplements

Pongsawee Supanonth  Page 81-91

Factors Affecting Online Food Ordering Selection via Foodpanda Application among Consumers in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Charawee Butbumrung Page 92-99


Factors Influencing on Business Performance of SPA in Bangkok 

Supap Akkharapratumwong  Page 100-104

The Discourse of Negative News in Thai Entertainer in the New Media Era

Suwimol Apapol  Page  105-112

The Identity of  Influencers on Social Media

Punrapha Praditpong, Krisana Chueachainat  Page  113-120

Film Genres Used to Treat Depression in the Early Stages of Family Problems

Nititorn Ounpipat, Prakaikavin Srijinda  Page 121-126

Current Status of Travel Programs on YouTube in Thailand

Pitimanus Bunlue, Krisana Chueachainat Page 127-133

The Image Communication of Transgender Women through Films and Television Drama in Thailand 

Narong Anurak, Somdech Rungsrisawat, Surasit Vithayarat  Page 134-139

The Influence of Corporate Image Recognition on Decision to Use Electronic Wallet in Thailand

Bundit Pungnirund  Page 140-146

Perceived Brand Equity Influencing the Purchasing Decision of Thai Community Products

Wanida Suwunniponth  Page  148-154

Service Marketing Mix and Acceptance of Technology Affecting Consumers’ Satisfaction through Food Delivery Applications

Nattapong Techarattanased  Page 155-162

Adoption of Innovations Affecting the Acceptance of LINE Application among Thai Elderly 

Siri-orn Champatong  Page 163-169 


Acceptance of Social Media Technology Affecting Intention to Use Online Travel Services of Tourists in Thailand

Teerapong Phongpheng  Page 170-177

Competitive Potential of Community Enterprises: A Case Study of Enterprises Accredited for Community Product Quality Certification in Bangkok

Preecha Phongpheng  Page 178-185

The Perception of Information Affecting the Tourist Decision-making in Spa Service of Hotel and Resort in Central Pattaya, Chonburi Province   

Natnichar Kleebbuabarn  Page 186-192

Factors that Influence the Decision to Buy Goods from Groceries Blue Flag State Civil Consumer in Samsen, Bangkok

Pannarungsri Inpayung  Page 193-199

Title Tourism Behavior of Thai Visitors in Bangkok Metropolitan

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